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Power Press

When it comes to machine tools, no one else can compete with BMT. Bhavya Machine Tools is the undisputed leader in field of machine tools. Being among the top machine tools manufacturing companies in Gujarat, Bhavya has earned reputation for its high end sheet metal machineries that are known for quality, consistency and most importantly accuracy in metal working jobs they provide. The company has got the best staff, infrastructure and a wide distribution channel to design and supply superior quality and advanced machine tools to a large client base across the world.

The ease of use and effortless operation is what the sheet metal machines especially the advanced technology-oriented power press machines of Bhavya offer. Cutting, bending, shaping and compressing of different kinds of metals is what can be best achieved with these power press tools. They are basically the sheet bending machineries facilitating for automatic cutting, blanking, piercing, drawing and trimming of sheet metals. Designed for high speed operations, these machine tools provide for faster metal jobs at the workplace with maximum work efficiency and consistent quality.

Bhavya's power press machineries guarantee quality and are quite different from the machineries offered by other manufacturers. These are advanced sheet metal work machines designed for

  • Maximum work efficiency producing higher outputs at lower energy consumption
  • High precision in all sorts of metal jobs
  • Noiseless operation
  • Long lasting performance with rigid construction made out of high quality, corrosion resistant steel
  • Ease of use facilitated by advanced user-friendly controls
  • Faster and effortless operation with high speed, automatic work features
Bhavya ensures prompt services to its customers by facilitating for round the clock support to help with queries and various requirements. Working to satisfy customers, the team at Bhavya is engaged in production of wide range of power press machine tools which include some of the most popular forms like C type power press, pillar type power press and H type power press machines.

C Type Power Press


The C type power press is a machine in the shape resembling the alphabet "C". Incorporated with parts like crank shaft, clutch, ram, gears and a table, this sheet metal bending tool is used for operations like bending, pressing, curling, piercing, deep drawing, shaping and compressing the metals. It consists of a solid steel frame including a suitable cross ribbing. The machine is provided with a clutch system which enables continuous operation of the machine for bulk production. The crank shaft of the machine is built with gun metal bushes and hence ensures for smooth working and longer life. Table and ram in the machine are flawlessly aligned to each other to achieve the highest level of accuracy in the power press operation. This is an automatic machine which accounts for faster and consistent metal jobs at the industries and workshops. Bhavya offers reliable C type power press machines in customized dimensions and are useful machineries that can be employed in a variety of industrial segments.


Pillar Type Power Press


Bhavya Machine Tools presents pillar type power press machines which are versatile sheet metal machineries best to cut, bend, form, and press sheet metals into a variety of shapes and sizes. The machine consisting of pillars at both the sides and a bed at the centre works on a press mechanism and hence ensures the best metal shaping, compressing or forming by the application of hydraulic or mechanical pressure. The machine facilitates for use of different die shapes and hence allows for formation of different shapes and forms out of various forms of metals. The pillar types power machines manufactured by Bhavya are precise, reliable and corrosion resistant machineries designed to meet the requirements at the modern manufacturing facilities. These are the best production tools which can meet the heavy duty metal cutting and bending needs at the work place.


H Type Power Press Machine


The H type power press is a machine resembling the letter "H". This power press machine is best for continuous production of customized shapes or forms from sheet metal. The tasks like embossing, pressing, drawing, straightening, broaching and bending of the sheet metals can well be executed with this machine that is designed for most flexible tasks at the industries. Bhavya presents long lasting H types power press tools which are built from the finest quality components. The machines are designed for consistent performance, maximum corrosion resistance and prevention of wear and tear by enabling smoother operation.